Zocdoc was a popular product for doctors, but half the patients who used the product had no idea what Zocdoc was. OOB helped them to refocus their attention on the patient, creating communication, from TV ads to emails, that empathized with the pain of the consumer healthcare experience, and initiatives that attempted to enact real change.  

Zocdoc Rebrand

Part of the shift toward patients, included a complete rebrand. Working in conjunction with Wolff Olins, OOB helped to develop a new identity and brought it to life in a mission video, the landing page, and numerous additional executions.

Unsick Day

Instead of just talking about the pains of the healthcare consumer, we wanted to enact real change.

Unsick Day was Zocdoc’s attempt to make a day off for routine preventative care a culturally acceptable action in the workplace.

Zocdoc VR

For many, the waiting room is an incredibly stressful place. In select waiting rooms across New York, Zocdoc introduced a series of virtual reality videos, allowing nervous people to be transported to a beach, a horse pasture, a zen retreat among many other relaxing settings.

Universal Card

Health insurance cards are a mess. Critical information presented in a way that’s not intuitive, zero hierarchy, a bunch of abbreviations. Bad design leads to confusion leads to costly bills.  So we created a health insurance card designed for humans.